Monday, July 19, 2010

No Camera : (

Ever since Caroline's baptism our camera has not worked properly. It has a few tricks . . . you have to replace the batteries every time you turn it off and on (so I'm better off leaving it turned on if I want to "catch" a good pic) and the screen is cracked so I can't see exactly if the picture is centered or if the picture turned out. To see the pictures I have to download them and keep the good ones! Needless to say I am getting a new camera today!!! Will's birthday is Thursday and his party is Saturday : ) There will be new pics up hopefully early next week.

We had a great time visiting Sam in Kansas City two weeks ago. We stayed with Greg and Mindy Hellbusch (their boys are soooo cute). Wednesday night we ate at the T-Rex Cafe and now Will loves dinosaurs! On Thursday we went to Deanna Rose Children's Farm with the Hellbuschs and Heather and Grant Sutko. Since my camera wouldn't work at all . . . I have no pictures! After the farm we let the boys play over at the Sutkos. They had a blast : ) On Friday we took the kids to check out Sam's job site. Currently there is a trailer in a field of dirt/mud. Let's hope the project sticks with its original timeline (April 2011).

Caroline's two month appointment went well: 12 lb 1 oz (73%) 22 in (30%) and head 49%. Dr. Dek told us everything is lookin' good! But when we went home poor Caroline hurt soooo much from her immunizations : ( She never cries and Grandpa Heller may think twice before watching her again!! After Tylenol she felt better and slept a long time. She will go back in about a month and I will give her Tylenol right after the appointment.

Anyway, I can't wait to get our new camera today!! I'm sure it will be quite the adventure at Rockbrook today!


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