Thursday, October 22, 2009

15 Month Check-Up and Baby #2

Will is 15 months old today! Dr. Dek measured him at 32 in (75%), 24 lb 7 oz (48%) and his head was 62%. After she checked his weight she noticed a weight plateau for a few months so he gets to take a multi-vitamin. We will go back in a month to check his weight. This kid eats all of the time, I can't believe he's actually considered "thin."

He loves his daycare that he started in August and he likes playing with all of the kids. Which will be nice when Baby #2 starts there after the summer. Oh, yeah . . . we are having another baby!! I am due May 1st and have had a great 1st trimester. Let's hope the rest is smooth sailing.
We went over to the Nichols' for pizza a few weeks ago. Will and Cruz are only two weeks apart in age. It was funny watching them share and play together.
Will preferred to crawl out the window instead of using the door. Sammy was calling him Luke for the Dukes of Hazard : )

It Snowed In October : (

The day after we went to the pumpkin patch (October 10th) it snowed!! I'm glad we went the day before! Will refused to come inside after 20 minutes.

Hard at work!

Still shoveling

Now I'm in the grass.

Will at the Pumpkin Patch

Will is pointing to the pumpkin he wants. Of course he is saying, "dat, dat, dat!" At home he refers to the pumpkins as "ball."

I didn't get the whole size of the horse in the picture, but I did manage to get many pictures of Will riding this horse alone!

Will loves to drive our cars in the driveway. This was very fun to him : )

The animals were probably the best part of the pumpkin patch. He would run back to the barn or the pen to see the animals more. I guess grandpa needs to take him to great grandpa's farm more often!

WHO DOES OUR SON LOOK LIKE?? We get mixed opinions of who Will resembles. I thought this could be a good picture to get some new votes!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hello, Fall!

Will's favorite thing to eat lately is corn on the cob! He can really eat a lot : ) But of course he tells us "hot, hot" the whole time while he is eating.

Look at me dad!

Will loves his piggy bank and coins. He will hand you his piggy bank (which is a hint for you to open the bottom) and he will sit and put all of his coins in the slot. He does think it's funny to put the coins up to his mouth for you to say, "No!" And this picture just happens to show Will posing in front of the window for the neighbors!

Aunt Cindy bought him some stacking blocks for his birthday and he loves to make a tower and knock them down.

How does mom get this to work?