Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mother's Day to Father's Day

I am horrible about posting! I'll think of as many updates as I can while I upload this year's Mother's Day through Father's Day pics.

For Mother's Day we spent time at Estella's 7th birthday party, Andrew Klutman's Medical School graduation party, Horsemen's for the Kentucky Derby, and Rick's Boatyard for brunch!! The kids love playing outside and it's getting easier with Caroline walking. She follows Will around everywhere!!

Next on the calendar was Jaime's high school graduation. She is going to play basketball at Aurora University in IL. Our relatives from IL also made the trip, we love seeing them!

Random- Estella and Caroline : )

Family Picture at a friend's birthday party. And yes, Sam has a beard : ) He was growing it out for a while until he finished his job in Kansas City and he ended up keeping it for a while.

The triplets on Memorial Day! Julia is going to be a big sister in October : )

Trying to squeeze onto Grandpa Timmy's lap for a quick picture!

The Barcels, Sutkos, Hellers, and Gutzs all went to a Stormchaser game. It was a blast!! We sent home Caroline with Grandpa and Grandma when she was tired and the rest of us were able to stay for fireworks!

Sam and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary by going to a NASCAR race in Kansas City! It was definitely an experience!! After the race we went downtown and had dinner. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, SAMMY!

Happy Father's Day to Sam, my father and my father-in-law!! We spent the weekend in Wisner and Columbus. Saturday was my Aunt Amy and UNCLE Kurt's wedding. The night before the wedding, Sam introduced me to a new way for the kids to sleep in restaurants!! Caroline had her own private area with two chairs and Will's was a little bigger in the corner : )

On Sunday we went on an adventure from Waterloo to Morse Bluff to Columbus. The Zatechka children and Gutz children all piled in one car with me while Tim and Dixie, Jon and Sarah, and Sam rode the Harleys. After lunch in Morse Bluff the boys went on a "Father's Day" ride and the girls took the kids to Columbus. The girls have another matching outfit : )