Friday, June 27, 2008

Final Nursery pics!

Grandpa Heller and Sammy put the nursery furniture together a few weeks ago . . . it was quite interesting. And I have had many requests for a belly pic, sorry for those friends and family that are not interested!!!

This video shows the baby pushing through my belly, you can turn off the sound unless you want to hear me yell at Sam and the TV in the background.

Gutz Baby Shower!

Last Saturday Sammy, Baby G and I had another fun shower at Grandma Dixie's house. Aunt Emily and Aunt Sarah hosted a beautiful shower out on the deck! Most of Sam's aunts were able to make it, as well as both grandmas. Check out the two diaper cakes, they are sooo cute : ) Our last shower is tomorrow and we are looking forward to seeing everyone! Click on the picture of the onesie, Uncle Seth made a t-shirt for Baby G !!!

Deb & Deb Baby Shower : )

On June 14th we had a baby shower with friends at Deb Olson's house. The theme was "Stacy's Sweet Pea" and we had a lot of fun! Thank you to everyone that could make it, we enjoyed seeing everybody!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

33 Weeks

We are having major issues with our computer : ( But hopefully next week I will be able to upload pictures from a few baby showers and the completed nursery!!! Here is the latest update:

Yesterday I had my 33 weeks appointment. Dr. Scott says that "although I appear much more pregnant than what I actually am" . . . the baby is average size. In two weeks she will check my cervix for the 1st time and see if I am starting to dilate or efface. During week 37 she will probably do a growth scan (via ultrasound) to check the size of the baby.

Monday, June 2, 2008

David's graduation/Tiffany's wedding

Baby G completed his/her first flight to visit Uncle David's graduation! The whole family went out to IL on May 18th for a quick trip and fun party.

On May 30, we went to Tiffany and Ryan's wedding in Omaha. (Tiffany is Stacy's big sis from sorority)