Thursday, May 28, 2009

The tubes are in!

UPDATE: Will's surgery went well yesterday! He hasn't had any problems with his ears and has remained happy and smiley : ) Hopefully he feels much better now and won't have anymore ear infections!!! Thanks for all of the phone calls and prayers!

Memorial Day Weekend

Will does NOT want to work with dad! We tried taking a picture with a Kiewit hard hat and Will refused to wear it : ) This was the best we could get.

Brave Will didn't mind the chilly water on Memorial Day Weekend. He loves the lake and splashing!

Will and Elijah tried to play nice together in this pool, but they wouldn't sit in it together!

Will and Elijah playing on Grandma's deck!
After swimming all day the boys played one more time together before bedtime!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Will at 10 months

Hello! No pictures this morning, just a quick update. This week Will had an appointment with Dr. Edmunds and ENT and we have decided Will needs tubes. He has had too many ear infections and his ear canals prohibit any fluid from ever clearing out of his ear. Putting in tubes will be the perfect solution to this, hopefully!

He is still a happy boy even with his chronic ear infections! Will has two top teeth and two bottom teeth. His newest accomplishment is standing up without assistance! He also enjoys crawling up the stairs (thanks Grandpa) and EATING!! Now that Uncle David is home he allows William to pull hair and bite! We're working on correcting these bad habits!

My last day with students was yesterday and June 1st Will and I will start our summer job. Julie Walsh has asked us to watch her 3 kids this summer : ) Will and I can spend our days in the pool and playing with them. I will post some pictures after Will's tube surgery and let everyone know how he is doing.