Thursday, September 11, 2008

A few of Will's "firsts"

We have neglected our duty to update our blog lately! Will is definitely keeping us busy. Over the past few weeks we have seen a few of William's "firsts."

The last weekend in August we took Will on his first trip out of NE, to party with Quinn and Colette in Kansas City. It was quite an adventure for mom and dad! We also had a chance to visit with the Sutkos.

Over the past few weeks, Will has shown us his sweet smile! He also started to coo at us and giggle. It is too cute!

We also watched our first Husker and Raider game this past weekend! He even managed to watch the Bears, I guess for our Chicago relatives : )

Will also went to his first volleyball game to watch Aunt Sara. Our goal is to make all of her home games this season : )

Our last big milestone that we crossed is . . . Will sleeping through the night!! Well, almost. He wakes up around 4:00, but has slept as late as 5:00 am. Mom and dad are looking forward to more nights like this : )