Tuesday, October 19, 2010


To say that I am "a little behind" is an understatement! My poor children have missed out on numerous blog-worthy posts : ) I will try my best to show many things that have occurred since JULY!!

Starting back in AUGUST: Family vaca to IL and MI : ) My Aunt Cindy and Uncle Gary have a cabin in MI and we spent a few days with the Rauchs and Bacinos. Will had fun swimming, making bonfires and getting ice cream at Gino's. I will admit that the car ride from NE to MI was more than 10 hours!! Next time we won't need to make as many stops I hope.

Then at the end of August Sam's cousin Danielle married Franklin. Will and Caroline were part of the big day. It was a beautiful wedding and reception!

Caroline had two ear infections within a two weeks of each other : ( And we hope she isn't going to have ear problems like Will.

We spent Labor Day in Columbus with all of Sam's family. Will loves the water and jumping off the dock. Caroline enjoyed laying in the grass and sleeping : )

On Monday, Grandpa Tim took all of the grandkids on a train ride. The little boys loved it.

The Hellers and Gutzs attended the Waterloo Harvest Festival. It was quite the carnival!

OCTOBER: We had our 2nd Annual Pooley's Pumpkin Patch trip. The weather was beautiful and Will loved the animals again!


As for Halloween costumes, Will was not happy. His choices were a fireman and a cheetah. He wouldn't wear either one of them for more than 5 minutes. On Halloween night he wore the cheetah costume, but didn't want to go trick-or-treating!! Caroline was asleep after our first house : )

On October 30th, we celebrated with Great Grandpa and Grandma Heller for their 55th Anniversary. Each child received a different t-shirt color to represent their family. It was fun seeing everyone again.

We also decided to sell our house and move to Bennington. Our new home will be right by my school : ) The plan is to start building in the spring!

Goodbye, Elkhorn!


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