Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baptism and Father's Day

Well we have a lot going on this month! Caroline was baptized on June 6th. Her Godparents are Sara Heller and Seth and Emily Gutz. After the service we had the family over for lunch and the kids went swimming. It was a beautiful day : )

Looking back at her newborn pictures (2 weeks old) I can't believe how much Caroline has changed. She goes in for her 2 month appointment next week . . . that means shots : ( She's such a good baby and Will continues to love her more and more each day! Caroline sleeps through the night and takes a good morning and afternoon nap. She's more alert and observant of everything around her too. It's so fun to see her smile and coo.

She's so CUTE : )

Will goes to daycare on Mondays and stays home with the girls the rest of the week. He has put some interest into potty training and goes 3-4 times a day on his potty (as long as he is sans diaper) He watches an Elmo potty song on YouTube, you should listen to it!!
Sam has been working in Kansas City now for 3 weeks and comes home once or twice a week. The kids and I visit my parents pretty much every night that Sam doesn't come home!! If you are free on Wednesday nights we are ALWAYS looking for company : )

For Father's Day we went back to Columbus and after a few thunderstorms the boys were able to get in the lake. The kids made Sam a photobook from Snapfish for him to take to KC, they even wrote him letters. Will loves the boat and jet ski. The next trip we have planned for the lake is the 4th, let's hope for SUN!!


Seth, Emily, & Elijah Gutz said...

I love the Elmo Potty song! Elijah has the DVD and loves to sing "It's Potty time!"

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