Monday, May 3, 2010

Introducing Caroline Jean Gutz

It's a GIRL : )
On April 26th at 10:54 pm, Caroline Jean Gutz was born at Methodist Hospital in Omaha. She weighed 7 lb 5 oz and was 20 inches long. Thank you for all of our visitors and gifts. Now we have a healthy baby girl and a healthy little boy!! I'm looking forward to staying home until mid-August!!! It's going to be a fun summer!

One cute story- My parents were watching William during our stay at the hospital. By the time we picked him up, he had mastered the song "Sweet Caroline." If you start singing, "Sweet Caroline" . . . he will say "bomp, bomp, bom" It is adorable! Sometimes you can hear him call her "bomp, bomp, bom" instead of "baby." When we were at church he also was bobbing his head and singing "bomp, bomp, bom" when the organ was playing. He is quite the entertainer.

Here are a few pics:
Dr. Scott is amazing! We love her : )

Our Family

Will holding Caroline for the first time!

Caroline (4-26) Evangeline (4-7) Julia (3-7) AKA- "The Triplets"
Caroline and cousin, Evangeline

We're going to get big brother, William! She doesn't know what she's getting herself into!!

At home with dad, I was trying to get a good picture of her red hair : )

My two babies: Will is busy texting, while Caroline sleeps in the "wee." Will's trying to convince us that he can go in the "wee." He loves going to the park and he calls anything at the park a "wee." So we are pretty mean because we tell Will that the swing is only for the baby.

Will gets a little jealous when you hold Caroline too long. But not because he wants you to hold him, he gets mad because he wants to hold her!! Caroline doesn't mind Will always bothering her or touching her : ) They are both so much fun!

Will and Caroline (She's covering her ears)


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