Thursday, December 10, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas!

Will was a big help at Kohl's a few weeks ago. He enjoyed hiding below the clothes and even managed to escape Grandma Margie and I. We both looked up at each other and I asked her if she could see Will. A few seconds of panic-mode and he was found out in a main aisle staring at people walk by. It was scary!! Lesson learned: Will stays in the cart/stroller for all shopping trips now.

Will was a dancin' machine at Angie and Nate's wedding. He didn't think it was time to leave, even though it was almost 10:00. This kid is usually in bed at 8:00 . . . it was getting a little too late for him!

For Thanksgiving, we spent time at Great Grandpa and Grandma Heller's in Wisner and made it over to the Zatechka's for supper and games. Grammy bought all of the cousins pajamas again : ) Last year Will was 4 months old and Elijah was 8 months at Thanksgiving.

Grandma Margie and I tried everything to get Will's "Christmas Card Picture" and this was about the best we could get out of him! Everything is still "hot" and having a Christmas tree up in the house has been interesting.

The day after William's "Christmas card" photo shoot, Sammy managed to get this adorable picture! And this is one of the pictures on the Christmas card : )
Last Christmas was the only Christmas that William will share with Great Grandpa Nekl (Gramps). He passed away on December 10th at the Good Samaritan Society in Osceola. Gramps was 86 years old and had poor health for the past few years. We will miss you, Gramps!


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