Friday, July 24, 2009

Our Birthday Boy!

Will turned one on July 22nd! He has started drinking from sippy cups and isn't quite sure how much he likes COLD milk now. I am surprised how well he is drinking from a cup because he used to let the juice/water run out of his mouth and smile : ) He is also cutting two teeth this week (perfect timing for his birthday), which brings us to 3 top and 3 bottom teeth!

Working With Dad- Will and Sammy spent a few days getting ready for William's birthday party and I came outside to catch Will fixin' the mower!!! He was covered in dirt, grass, and GREASE! His birthday party is tomorrow and I will post pictures later this weekend.

Play, Play, Play- His new place to play is inside our living room hutch. He takes out all of the bins and toys to sit in their with his snack or cup. It's very cute!

Fun in the Sink- Will's favorite fruit these days is pineapple, which leads us to quick rinses in the sink.

Zzz Zzz- It seems like Will eats all day, I hope his daycare doesn't mind feeding him this much! He eats all solid foods now and is a big fan of cheese : ) All of the eating must make him tired.

Family- This is from our little family outing at O Fest, Will took a spill at the pool earlier this afternoon and scraped up his chin : ( He did very well with the large crowd and loud music. He was definitely a people-watcher!!


Colette said...

Thanks for all the updates and I love the picutes! Looking forward to some fun times with the Gutz's tomorrow :)

Love ya,

The Sutko's said...

Wow! I cannot believe Will is one! He is so darn cute! I am sure his party today will be quite memorable!

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