Monday, April 13, 2009

Palm Sunday, Easter, and RSV update

We had many Easter celebrations and Will was excited to see his cousins on the Heller and Gutz sides. The picture below is from Palm Sunday at Great Grandpa & Grandma Heller's house in Wisner. Gpa & Gma have 10 great-grandchildren that are all BOYS!!

At the indoor Easter Egg Hunt in Wisner. Will would pick up anything, not just eggs!

Here comes William and Grandma Margie!

William and Tucker are only a few days apart!

A break between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday ---
We had quite a week of hospital and doctor visits! On Monday, April 6th we took Will to Dr. Dek because he has been coughing since December. She asked us to start William on Zyrtec to see if the cough is allergy related and have him get x-rays/lab tests at Children's Hospital. We went in Wednesday and his results came back that his lungs were inflammed. The nurses also did some lab tests to check for RSV, influenza and a few other infections. Then Thursday we started his steriods to help with the inflammation in his lungs. His cough didn't seem to get any better by Friday so he went back to Dr. Dek and she had the lab results . . . He has RSV : ( But this doesn't tell us why he has coughed since December! For now we are doing 3 breathing treatments/day and keeping him on Zyrtec (we're finished his round of steroids). We go back to Dr. Dek on Thursday, April 16th for a check-up. Hopefully we will be closer to an answer for his ongoing cough!! Keep William in your prayers.
Will LOVES his pony!! He will shake and jump until you turn it on : )
Back to Easter pictures!

Dad and Will enjoying the Easter Egg Hunt at Great Aunt Becky's house in Shelby.

By Easter, Will was a pro at finding Easter eggs and Easter baskets! Here he is at Grammy Dixie's in Columbus.

Here are two pictures from Saturday night before Easter. Estella had fun pushing Will in his wagon, unfortunately the wagon couldn't hold all of Will's 21 lbs!! See the next pic!

Sorry Grammy, we can get you a new wagon!

William the Easter Bunny


Colette said...

William 'the Easter Bunny' just made my day!! That will be a fun one to pull out when he's about 15 :) Thanks for all the fun updates - he seriously must get more handsome and adorable every day!

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